Prop F Ballot Initiative

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Update: This initiative successfully passed on the August 2 ballot, THANK YOU!

The Directors, Staff and Members of the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District would like to provide information on the upcoming Bond Issue, Proposition F, on the August 2, 2022 Ballot. Proposition F will provide funding for essential lifesaving equipment, apparatus and facilities and continue the longstanding tradition of fiscal responsibility without increasing the current tax structure. Below is additional Information for our residents.

Individuals with questions related to Proposition F are encouraged to call Chief Hoevelmann at 314-837-4894.

Proposition F - The Future of Your Florissant Valley Fire Protection District

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prop F?

Proposition F is a renewal of general obligation Bonds for Capital Improvements at the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District. This Bond Issue will be on the August 2, 2022 ballot. It requires a 4/7th (57.142%) majority to pass. If passed it will generate 21.5 million dollars over the next 20 years.

Will Prop F be a NO tax increase Bond Issue?

Residents of the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District will see NO additional tax with the passing of Proposition. This will be to renew bonds that residents have successfully voted on in the past and are currently paying.

Does the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District currently have debt that we are paying off?

The Florissant Valley Fire Protection District is currently paying off past Bond debt from Bonds that voters successfully passed.

Why does the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District need Prop F?

The Florissant Valley Fire Protection District uses the money collected from bonds for capital improvements to prevent using money from the general fund for large expenses such as the purchase of Fire Apparatus, Ambulances, SCBAs (Air Packs), Radio Equipment, Hoses, Extrication Equipment, Cardiac Monitors, Stretchers, and other items needed to provide the best, most up-to-date Fire/EMS equipment to serve to our residents.

Have Emergency Calls Increased for the Florissant Valley Fire Protections District?

Yes, calls have been steadily increasing, making FVFPD one of the busiest fire districts in all of the St. Louis area. In the last four years, calls have increased by almost 2500.

2018: FVFPD responded to 11,290 calls
2019: FVFPD responded to 12,466 calls
2020: FVFPD responded to 12,560 calls
2021: FVFPD responded to 13, 750 calls

Is the Population of the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District increasing?

The overall population does not seem to be increasing as much. The population of the fire district has remained around 75,000 residents with about 32,000 homes. The Fire District is still seeing growth in the building of new single-family homes bringing new residents to the area.

Why do we need new equipment?

The FVFPD has always strived to provide our residents with the best service and best equipment for the most reasonable cost. The Replacement of equipment is required by national standards. The money collected from Prop F will help the Fire district purchase capital improvement items. These items include the purchase of the following:

  • Fire Apparatus costing $1 Million Dollars- replaced every 10 years
  • Advanced Life Support Ambulances costing $300,000- every 5 years
  • Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus costing $700,000- every 10 years
  • Radio Equipment costing $500,000
  • Cardiac Monitors costing $32,000 each, One on each apparatus
  • Stretchers and Loading Systems costing $50,000 per Ambulance
  • Lucas Devices- Automatic CPR Devices- costing $15,000 per Ambulance
  • Toughbook Computers totaling $15,000 for replacement
  • Turnout Gear- $3000 per set, replaced every 5 years
  • Remodeling and adding on to the current firehouses due to the addition of personnel
  • The possible acquisition of land for future growth due to the increased call volume.
What happens if Prop F does not pass?

If Proposition F does not pass in August the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District will continue to pursue the successful passing in the future.