Frequently Asked Questions About the Ambulance Service

  1. Will the ambulance take me to a hospital of my choice?Effective March 11, 2014, the Florissant Valley Fire Protection District (FVFPD) is changing the policy for the hospital Emergency Departments (EDs) to which FVFPD ambulances will transport patients who are residents of the fire district and contact 9-1-1 for ambulance transport to the hospital. FVFPD ambulances will transport residents of the fire district to the following hospital EDs:

    Christian HospitalNorthwest Healthcare

    SSM DePaul Health Center

    Mercy Hospital of St. Louis

    Missouri Baptist Medical Center

    In special circumstances and especially in patients with special needs, patients may be taken to a hospital more suited to address those circumstances and needs, such as one of the childrenā€™s or teaching hospitals.

    If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact our Administration Building, (314)837-4894.

  2. Is the ambulance service provided free if I’m a resident of the fire district?If you are a resident of the fire district, your insurance company and/or medicare will be billed for the ambulance service. Whatever amount is not paid by your insurance company and/or medicare will be written off by the fire district. The resident has no out of pocket expense for using the ambulance service.
  3. I received something in the mail requesting information from me regarding an ambulance run. Why are they asking for this information?The fire district has a billing agency that processes the ambulance bills. They will need your insurance and/or medicare information to process your ambulance claim. Please provide them with this information.

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