Battalion Chiefs

The Fire District incorporates three work shifts — A, B & C. A Battalion Chief is assigned to each shift and is ultimately responsible for all firefighters in their command. They serve a vital role in being in command of emergency responses occurring on their shift, and they also assist in training and district administration. The Battalion Chiefs report directly to the Fire Chief.

Jason Dauster

Jason Dauster, Battalion Chief

“A” Shift Battalion Chief Jason Dauster was promoted to Battalion chief on Jan. 1, 2021.

You may reach Battalion Chief Dauster at:

Email –

Phone – 314-837-4894

Battalion Chief Russ Kleffner

Russ Kleffner, Battalion Chief

“B” Shift Battalion Chief Kleffner was promoted in March, 2018.

You may reach Battalion Chief Kleffner at:


Phone: 314-837-4894

Battalion Chief Rob Carroll

Rob Carroll, Battalion Chief

“C” Shift Battalion Chief Carroll has been employed by the Fire District since 1988. He served as a Private and Engineer before being promoted to Captain in June of 2009. Rob was promoted to his current rank of Battalion Chief in January of 2016.

You may reach Battalion Chief Carroll at:

Email –

Phone (314) 837-4894