Fire Alarm Sytems Requirements

Fire Alarm System documentationOne complete set of construction documents:

  • Signed and Sealed
  • Properly scaled
  • On same size pages
  • Legible
  • Showing fire alarm components only
  • All rooms identified
  • All fire rated walls, floors and ceilings identified

Construction documents shall show:

  • Symbols confirming to NFPA 170 or symbol key for non-standard symbols
  • Location of devices and appliances
  • Height of all pull stations and horn or horn strobe components
  • End of line devices
  • Conduit wire runs
  • Conduit size
  • Number and size of conductors
  • Zone indication shall be placed adjacent to the appropriate end of line device
  • Full point to point or typical point to point wiring configuration
  • All initiating and notification circuits shall be identified
  • Any auxiliary functions
  • Total number of all alarm initiating devices and alarm indicating appliances
  • Sequence of operation matrix

Manufacturers catalog cut sheets for all devices and appliances

  • All equipment be listed for commercial use

Documentation on sealing of all penetrations

  • Fire rating of walls, floors and ceilings are __________________
  • Materials used meet ASTM E814 or E119
  • Details on method to be used to provide fire rating of penetration
  • Fire-stop systems or devices listed by UL or independent testing lab
  • Approved methods attached to construction documents

Battery calculations

  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Circuit amperage
  • Include standby and alarm conditions calculations

Central Station Information-must be listed by UL or FM

  • Name of Company ___________________________________________
  • Address __________________________________________________
  • Business Phone Number_______________________________________
  • Contact person _____________________________________________
  • Method of transmission _______________________________________
  • Phone number to our dispatch center ______________________________

The following will be checked at the time of the acceptance test

Will sound pressure levels for audible indication devices meet the requirements of NFPA 72 and the International Building Code?

Will visible appliances meet the requirements of NFPA 72, International Building Code and the ADA guidelines?

Fire alarm control panel(s) and remote annunciator(s) shall visibly display the location of the alarm in alpha-numeric text

  • The location of the alarm must be specific
  • Provide enough information to determine source of alarm