Fourth Ambulance Placed In Service

Today marks another milestone for our fire district. With the call volume increasing annually, with projections showing that we will respond to over 12,000 calls for service this year, we needed to look at the service level our residents have enjoyed for almost 20 years.

Today we start the process of placing a fourth ambulance in service from 9:00AM to 4:00 PM three days a week to keep the service level high, reduce the increasing load on the three existing ambulances and to do it inside our current budgetary constraints.

In studying our call numbers over the last five years, the times listed above are the busiest times of the day for our ambulances and we will continue to study and monitor our request and responses to calls to make the best decision possible to offer the high quality service our residents deserve and to do it in a fiscally responsible manner.

Thanks for your ongoing support and we are excited to be able to increase our service delivery to our residents.